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Participation in the European Geosciences Union, Vienna Austria 27 April -2 May, 2014


 APCG members presented the following papers:


  1. D. Paraskevopoulou, E. Liakakou, C. Theodosi, E. Gerasopoulos and N. Mihalopoulos. “Long-term measurement of aerosol chemical composition in Athens, Greece.” European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, 27/4-2/5/2014, Vienna, Austria.
  2. Tsiflikiotou M., Papanastasiou D., Zarmpas P., Paraskevopoulou D., Diapouli E., Kostenidou E., Kaltsonoudis C., Bougiatioti A., Theodosi C., Kouvarakis G., Liakakou E., Vassilatou V., Siakavaras D., Biskos G., Eleftheriadis K., Gerasopoulos E., Mihalopoulos N., and Pandis S. “Spatial distribution of summertime particulate matter and its composition in Greece”, European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, 27/4-2/52014, Vienna, Austria.
  3. E. Gerasopoulos, E. Liakakou, V. Psiloglou, I. Stavroulas L. Fourtziou, N. Roukounakis, M. Lianou, N. Kappos, P Zarmpas, H. Kambezidis, J. Sciare, N. Mihalopoulos: Smog events over Athens during winter 2013-2014: Pollution measurements and chemical characterization
  4. I. Stavroulas, L. Fourtziou, P. Zarmpas, A. Bougiatioti, E. Liakakou, J. Sciare, N. Mihalopoulos: Contribution of wood combustion in winter submicron ambient aerosols
  5. over Athens
  6. D. Founda, S. Kazadzis, N. Mihalopoulos: Multi annual evolution and trends of surface visibility in Athens and its relationship with aerosol optical depth
  7. E. Liakakou, I. Stravroulas, N. Roukounakis, D. Paraskevopoulou, L. Fourtziou, V. Psiloglou, E. Gerasopoulos, J. Sciare, N. Mihalopoulos: Black carbon measurements during winter 2013-2014 in Athens and intercomparison between different techniques
  Supporting Files
  1. Liakakou et al. EGU2014 (File size 1.91 MB)
  2. Paraskevopoulou et al EGU 2014 (File size 1.39 MB)
  3. Tsiflikiotou et al EGU2014 (File size 1.22 MB)
  4. Founda et al EGU2014 abst (File size 33.91 KB)
  5. Liakakou et al. EGU2014 abst (File size 48.42 KB)
  6. Gerasopoulos et al EGU2014 (File size 48.43 KB)
  7. Paraskevopoulou et al EGU 2014 abst (File size 47.41 KB)
  8. Stavroulas et al EGU2014 (File size 37.67 KB)
  9. Tsiflikiotou et al EGU2014 abst (File size 42.95 KB)
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