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Remote Sensing Station (ARSS)
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Since 2015, IAASARS operates the advanced PollyXT portable lidar system, developed by IAASARS and TROPOS researchers. The PollyXT is an automated multi-wavelength (1064, 532, and 355nm) backscatter/Raman and polarization lidar. The system combines the latest EARLINET lidar quality standards in a stand-alone design. It is equipped with two (2) receiver units; one (1) far-range and one (1) near-range telescope. It is capable of performing measurements with very high vertical and temporal resolution, for the following physical quantities: a) particle backscatter coefficient at 355, 532 and 1064nm, b) particle extinction coefficients at 355 and 532nm, c) volume/particle linear depolarization ratio at 355 and 532nm, d) near-range backscatter and extinction coefficients at 532nm, e) water vapor at 407nm. This innovative setup provides autonomous and quality-assured vertically resolved measurements of aerosol and cloud properties. The system has so far been successfully deployed on the Athens JRA1 and Cyprus BACCHUS campaigns, while it is currently in the process of being integrated into a custom-built container.

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