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Atmospheric model applications
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Simulation of smoke dispersion from the fire accident occurred on 6th June 2015, at the area of Aspropyrgos



APCG group members perform simulations with FLEXPART (“FLEXible PARTicle dispersion model”), which is a Lagrangian transport and dispersion model used for air pollutants. The applications are driven by WRF-ARW meteorological output at a resolution of 4×4 km over Greece.

Up to now, FLEXPART has been used to simulate: (a) Fire smoke dispersion, which is a service application of the BEYOND project (IAASARS/NOA). More information can be found here. (b) Forecasting back-trajectories at Finokalia station during experimental campaigns (e.g. CHARADMExp , HygrA-CD, ACTRIS), (c) dispersion of pollutants due to industrial accidents (cf.  image).

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