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LIVAS global aerosol/cloud climatology

We provide a global 3-dimensional aerosol and cloud optical climatology and a collection of case studies focused on atmospheric episodes related to specific aerosol/cloud types (extended atmospheric scenes, i.e. Saharan dust events, smoke and volcanic eruption events, polar-stratospheric clouds etc). In order to cover the different spectral domains for HSRL and IPDA lidars, the compiled database addresses the three harmonic operating wavelengths of Nd-YAG lasers (355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm) as well as typical wavelengths of IPDA lidars in the SWIR spectral domain (1570 nm and 2050 nm). The service is free at the Web Portal of “LIdar climatology of Vertical Aerosol Structure for space-based lidar simulation studies” project: LIVAS.
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