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Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

Fig.1: FLEXWRF emissions sensitivity (residence time) calculation for a particle population that was observed at heights between 2 and 4 km above Athens on 26 May 2014, 12:00 UTC. The colored areas indicate particles from that height range that were present at heights below 2 km during the last 5 days thus indicating the possible source areas.
We provide source – receptor computations and prognostic forward and backward particle trajectories with the use of dispersion modeling tools. This service is provided at resolutions ranging from global down to regional and even local scales. The modeling simulations are performed with the atmospheric dispersion model FLEXWRF that is offline coupled with the WRF_ARW atmospheric model. This service has already been in operational use in the frame of the aerosol measuring campaigns CHARADMExp and HygrA-CD for the identification of the areas of origin for the particles observed at several lidar layers. The product is available upon request to Stavros Solomos and can be operational for the online support of measuring stations or for the a-posteriori interpretation of the observations.

Fig. 2: FLEXWRF 48 hours backward-trajectories ending at Finokalia on 01 July 2014, 12:00 UTC. Arrival heights are 0.5 km (solid red), 1 km (dashed blue), 2 km (solid black), 3 km (dashed red), 4 km (magenta), 7 km (yellow) and 10 km (dashed black).
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