The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) conducts atmospheric pollution measurements in Attica since 1970s. In 1996 the Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Station (Mobile AQMS) was developed, to meet the rising needs for mobility and flexibility in conducting measurements at remote or non-fixed locations. The Mobile AQMS is a van-type vehicle continuously upgraded to be able to carry tailored instrumentation that meets ad hoc requirements for high resolution measurements of pollutants, under different air pollution conditions. It is used either for in-situ measurement campaigns of scientific interest (e.g. within the frame of PANACEA NRI), or on a service basis in collaboration with local authorities, the state and private bodies, which pose a relevant claim and needs. Ιt is also activated during specific events, like industrial accidents, wild-fires etc, to monitor level and perform mapping of impacts in the influenced areas. The standard on-board equipment includes a set of gas analyzers (CO, NO, NO2, SO2, O3), particulate matter and black carbon monitors (PM10, BC and its BCff-BCwb fractions) as well as a meteorological station. 


VAN overview

The following equipment operates in the Mobile AQMS: 



Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Analyzer APMA-360, Horiba Ltd.

Nitrogen Oxides (ΝΟx)*

Analyzer APNA-370, Horiba Ltd.

Ozone (Ο3)

Analyzer APOA-360, Horiba Ltd.

Sulfur dioxide (SO2)*

Analyzer APSA-360, Horiba Ltd.

Particulate matter PM10

Beta gauge particulate  monitor  F-701-20, DURAG Gmbh

Black Carbon – Aerosol Absorption*

Aethalometer 7-λ, Model ΑΕ33, Magee Scientific

Black carbon – Aerosol Absorption*

Multi Angle Absorption Photometer (MAAP, 637 nm), Thermo Scientific

Wind Speed/Direction

Wind Set WA15, Vaisala

Temperature/Relative humidity

Hygroclip HC2-S, Rotronic


WinAQMS, Ecotech


* Equipment also used in the Thissio Air Monitoring Station or for other campaign purposes,  per instance