Research Fellow (IERSD/NOA), Ph.D. candidate

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Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens, I. Metaxa & Vas. Pavlou, P. Penteli (Lofos Koufou), 15236 Athens, Greece




Myrto Gratsea studied Physics at the Natural Sciences & Technology Department of the Hellenic Open University and graduated in 2009. She received her M.Sc. in Environmental Physics from the Applied Physics Department of the National & Kapodestrian University of Athens in 2013. She started a PhD in 2014 in the field of ground-based remote sensing for the assessment of urban pollution. She is member of the Aerosol Monitoring Station of the National Observatory of Athens since October 2008 and she is also in charge for the operation and data retrieval of a MAX-DOAS remote sensing instrument. She has participated in research projects and campaigns (Cityzen, Thermopolis 2009, ACI-UV, Xenios, CHARADMExp, Κripis, Αristotelis, Urbanproof, Adapt2Clima).

Research Interests:
Physics and chemistry of atmospheric gaseous and particulate pollutants, MAX-DOAS remote sensing technology

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