Research Fellow (IERSD/NOA), Ph.D. candidate

Atmospheric Physics

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Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens, I. Metaxa & Vas. Pavlou, P. Penteli (Lofos Koufou), 15236 Athens, Greece


Born in Athens, Greece in 1982. He studied Physics at NKUA and graduated in 2005. Holds an M.Sc. degree in Environmental Physics (2008) in the Physics dept. of the same University. His master's thesis was in the field of atmospheric modeling titled "Application of an atmospheric model in the area of Mesogeia". His thesis was within the framework of the EU project ECATS and was implemented at the Numerical applications in the atmosphere Group at the Environmental Physics & Meteorology Division of the same dept. and univ. During 2009-2013 he worked as senior IT of an Intermediary Body (EFEPAE) of NSRF 2007-2013. He then moved to the Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development (IERSD/NOA) for the project KRIPIS-THESPIA. He has been in the Institution ever since, under five research projects. Currently a core member of SMURBS/ERA-PLANET core team, while also working on his PhD, on aerosol-cloud interactions, at the Chemistry Department of the University of Crete.

Research Interests:

Numerical simulations of atmospheric processes mainly in the Mediterranean region. Atmospheric aerosol and interactions with meteorology. Aerosol indirect effect on climate, aerosol-cloud interaction.

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